Retail Solutions

Create the best experiences for customers, combining video analytics with the shopping experience to get deep insights.


The Future of Shopping

Video analytics allows for an ideal in-person shopping experience. With the technology you can: 

  • Optimize product placement
  • Personalize the face-to-face experience.
  • More data to create better insights.

Tech Points

PreTech offers our video analytic technology for a multitude of different applications, such as:

  • Facial Attribute (Age, Gender, Sentiment, etc.)
  • Shopping Journey
  • 熱圖
  • 人龍管理
  • Behaviour Analysis
  • Staytime
  • Post Capture


With POS

  • Which product is popular by which age group
  • Customer Sense (Color/Style) vs Item Sales Analysis
  • Product Sales per Age, per Gender, per Race segmentation
  • Product Sales vs Customer Shopping Experience (Sentiment)
  • And so on…

With CRM

  • Season Promotion
  • Precise Age Group Targeted Promotion
  • Marketing Campaign by Precise Target Customer Group
  • And so on…