Real-time multi-object tracking and human face recognition

Face Recognition Solution

Face recognition solution with a wide range of features including face detection, real-time multi-object tracking, human face recognition​ and Visitor Management System (VMS).

Key Features Includes


Visitor Management System (VMS)

Enhance the guest experience with a Visitor Management System (VMS) while protecting its premises and data. We offer a versatile solution that meets your business needs and standardizes processes across all of your locations with local, custom flexibility.


MAG (Mood/Age/Gender) Analysis

•Camera based​
•Male vs. Female visitors​
•Visitor age groups​
•Emotional Analysis​

facial recognition

Queue Management with people counting​

Notifies staff when a certain threshold or the number of people exceeds standards

1. Realtime Notification - Measure queue lengths and act real-time with the help of notifications

2. Optimize Service - Determine service times of the staff and increase the quality of service in hospital